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VRMesh Library

VRMesh library includes a set of point cloud classification, triangle meshing, and mesh editing technologies, which are adapted to commercial products, custom applications, and co-development projects.

The library uses the same code base as our stand-alone product. A feature in the library is therefore the same as the corresponding one in the stand-alone product. VRMesh library consists of three parts:

  • VRMesh-Survey: includes Detect Vegetation, Detect Building Roofs, Extract Ground Surface, Extract Building Footprints, Create 3D Buildings, etc.

  • VRMesh-Wrap: includes Global Registration, Point Cloud to Mesh, and Point Cloud Denoise/Decimate, etc.

  • VRMesh-Editing: includes Fill Holes, Stitch Gaps, Unify Normals, Reverse Surface, Fill Fjords, Smoothing, Decimation, Subdivision, Boolean, Fillet, Offset, Cut, Extrude, Extract, Merge, Glue Two Objects, etc.

VRMesh library is written in C++, compiled as DLL files, and compatible with Microsoft Windows. The input and output (I/O) methods are left open to your application.

We welcome enquiries from companies interested in adding or integrating our technologies with their products and solutions. Please contact us for complete details and scheduling.

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