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VRMesh Reverse

A complete reverse engineering workflow for users to wrap 3D scan data into accurate polygon meshes as well as NURBS surfaces. It delivers best-in-class point cloud clean-up tools and mesh processing functionalities. It also provides step-by-step guides to wireframe curve detection and NURBS creation.

Reverse engineering workflow in VRMesh

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic registration working on unstructured points

  • Advanced point cloud decimation and denoising algorithms

  • Accurate point cloud triangulation

  • Remesh smoothing with preservation of edges

  • Seamless merging of multiple surfaces

  • Comprehensive editing tools: Boolean, offset, fillet, extrude, clip, fit curbs…

  • Quads and NURBS creation

  • Texture generation from vertex colors

  • Accurate inspection and measurements

Working Examples:

>> Point Cloud to Mesh

This video shows three workflows of triangulation in VRMesh: convert points to meshes directly for a super accuracy, or decimate points before triangulation for time-saving and a good accuracy, or extract a region of interest to work on.

Point cloud to mesh

>> Texture from Vertex Colors

This video shows VRMesh has a capability to convert vertex colors to texture.

* Here is a 3D PDF document created by PDF3D ReportGen from Visual Technology Services (www.pdf3d.com). Please right-click "Save as" to save and use Adobe Reader to open it.


>> Mine Modeling

Example 1: This video shows how to mark concave and convex edges in an open-pit mine and how to extract massive breaklines on meshes.

Extract breaklines on meshes


Example 2: This video shows interactive terrain design using VRMesh's digital clay tools.

Terrain design


Example 3: This video shows how to quickly design an open-pit mine and calculate the volume in the mine.

Open-pit mine design

>> Volume Calculation

Example 1: This video shows how to take an accurate measurement of stockpile volume.

Volume of a stockpile


Example 2: This video shows how to calculate the volume in an open-pit mine.

Volume in an open-cut mine


Example 3: This video shows how to work on a target region and calculate the volume of a sand pile.

Volume of a sand pile


Example 4: This video shows volume calculation in mine surveying.

Volume calculation

>> Tank Inspection

Part 1: This video shows how to convert tank from a point cloud to a cleaned surface.

YouTube movie

Part 2: This video shows how to measure deviation between two surfaces at each location of cross-sections.

Part 3: This video shows how to create a NURBS surface for simulation.

>> Tunnel Analysis

Example 1: This video shows how to remove surplus objects and generate a clean tunnel surface. Highlighted tools include point cloud to mesh, surface extraction, gap filling, brush smoothing, etc. watch YouTube movie

Extract Tunnel Surface


Example 2: This video shows how to calculate the surface area and volume of a tunnel, and how to compare the differences between a theoretical tunnel and an actual tunnel. watch YouTube movie

Tunnel analysis


Example 3: This video shows how to generate tunnel cross sections.

Cross section

>> Seam Patch for 3D Printing

This video shows how to use a spline patch to fill big holes, and how to create a solid model for 3D printing.

Seam patch

>> Extract Pipe from Point Clouds

This video shows how to create a round pipe or a square pipe from point clouds.

Extract pipe

>> Mesh Generation

Example 1: This PDF tutorial shows how to generate triangle meshes and how to use mesh repair/editing tools to create a high-quality 3D model.

Download PDF


Example 2: This video demonstrates a workflow of converting large point clouds into accurate triangle meshes. It shows how to generate meshes block by block and finally seam them back into one. watch YouTube movie

point cloud to mesh


Example 3: This video shows how to convert point clouds to meshes for crime scene reconstruction. watch YouTube movie

* Download the final triangle mesh here, including *obj and *stl files.

crime scene reconstruction


Example 4: This video shows the accurate triangulation of 88 million points for 3D modeling of Gothic architecture. watch YouTube movie

* Data courtesy of Mr. Andrew Tallon, Mapping Gothic France - http://mappinggothic.org.

3D Digital Heritage Modeling

>> NURBS creation


Example 1: This video shows the enhanced workflow for streamlining the NURBS creation process in VRMesh v7.6. watch YouTube movie Download PDF

NURBS Creation in VRMesh v7.6

Example 2: This video shows how to repair meshes and create a NURBS car tire in VRMesh v7.5. watch YouTube movie

NURBS Car Tire

Example 3: This video shows another example of mesh repair and NURBS creation. watch YouTube movie


>> Dental Design

Example 1: This video shows a working example for generating a dental drill guide. watch YouTube movie

Dental Implant - Drill Guide Design

Example 2: This video shows how to merge objects into a watertight mesh for prototyping. watch YouTube movie

Dental Bridge STL Repair

>> 3D Medical Prototyping

This video shows how to extract ear canal and pinna from a scan data, and glue them together to design an earplug for 3D printing. watch YouTube movie

Earplug Design

>> Shoe Design

This video shows automatic scan registration, and merging multiple patches into a seamless object. watch YouTube movie

Consumer Design

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